Does Your Bookkeeper Provide these Essential Services to You?

Whether you choose to work with us or to go elsewhere, these are qualities to look for when seeking a bookkeeper. (Of course, we’d rather you work with us!)

A good bookkeeper keeps you informed about progress (or delays) and is easy to reach when you have questions. She needs to keep you organized by taking the initiative for following up and keeping you on track to meet deadlines. A little nagging can be very effective.

Aside from a tendency toward perfectionism and an excellent filing system, your bookkeeper also needs to know the best technology to use to streamline your accounting processes. She is exacting in reporting the appropriate details and reconciling accounts.

Liaison and Relationship Building
A good bookkeeper will act as a go-between for you and your accountant, able to bridge the terminology and jargon communication gap. She will also be able to source appropriate accounting services if you’re in need. As well, she’ll be accomplished at working as part of a team with your own staff.

Problem Solving and Tenacity
You don’t want someone who’s going to flee as soon as they see your shoebox filing system. Ideally, you want a bookkeeper who enjoys a challenge and will stick with it when things get rough. Bookkeeping work is tedious and can be frustrating – you want someone to stay the course (and to make the course better).

Accounting is complex and you want a bookkeeper who can evaluate options and select the best for you. Flexibility may be important for other reasons, too, such as if you need someone to work at your location, or to work odd hours, or to work long hours to meet deadlines.

You want to feel your bookkeeper has your best interests at heart, that when she is working for you, she is treating your money like it is her own. Trustworthiness can be easier defined by what it is not: unresponsive to inquiries, secretive about pricing, missing deadlines, and murky practices.

If you’re looking for a bookkeeper with these qualities, please get in touch.