I'm Cathy Cornelius, owner of Freedom Accounting Solutions Inc.

For over 13 years, I was Partner, CEO, Salesperson, HR Director, chief cook and bottle washer for my company, Coral Business Communications. But my biggest role was managing the operations and finances of the company. During many periods over the past decade, like in many small businesses, that meant trying to juggle everything financially to keep us in business! Having the necessary formal education to do a job is important but nothing prepares you nearly as well as real-life situations - where there are real-life consequences. And I have both!

Having now sold that business, my primary goal is to assist other small business owners with their bookkeeping processes and give them the freedom to work on their businesses.

With an accounting diploma and over 35 years of financial management experience, I bring a wealth of real-life education, know-how and problem-solving to this business to help YOU with balancing the books in yours.

Cathy Cornelius
Cathy Cornelius

Just as important, I understand where you’re coming from. I’ve walked in your shoes, cried in your shoes, and celebrated in your shoes. I want to help your business thrive. No matter where you are in the process right now, I want to be your accounting partner so you can be free to grow your business!

I'd love to have a chat about your accounting needs. Please get in touch!

Meet Stephanie Summers

Stephanie Summers

I visited Nova Scotia 15 years ago and never left. Now I live here with my husband and two beautiful children.

With an accounting diploma and having worked in the field for over 20 years, I have been able to gain knowledge in a wide variety of businesses and become a well-rounded bookkeeper. However, I found that I was always needing more, needing more of a challenge. I never felt I was utilized to my fullest. Since partnering with Freedom I am excited and eager to hit the ground running. Now, having Cathy in my corner and as my mentor, I have already learned so much from her and am excited to keep going.

Being highly organized and detail-focused accompanied by an enthusiastic attitude, I can help you get your books on track.

Easy going by nature but focused enough to take on any task and get it done!

Meet Ute Brandt

Ute Brandt

My husband and I moved to Nova Scotia in October 2019 from Germany. I worked for the German Government for the last 29 years, the last 10 years as a team leader for a team of 15 people in the fields of fighting money laundering and businesses and Sole Proprietors not paying Taxes, Animal Rescue and food hygiene.

I am used to being accurate, time efficient and very focused.
Coming here in 2019 provided me with lots of work experience over a 3-year period as an Office Manager/Bookkeeper in Real Estate, Retail and Wholesale. I have been fully responsible for the bookkeeping and Payroll.

I love the variety of companies, the challenge every different one brings and solving issues. I am familiar with Quick Books and Sage and in Germany, I worked with SAP.

Partnering with Freedom and Cathy gives me the chance to do what I love, to give you the freedom to work in your business, not worrying about the day-to-day time-consuming tasks of taking care of your books. I am a highly professional, efficient, and very customer-orientated person.

"Cathy took on a major bookkeeping project for me which involved doing a mountain of work, to say the least. She took on the challenge without hesitation and proceeded with professionalism, diligence and excellence. She keeps me updated with progress reports, listens intently and delivers on request. Cathy is a delight to work with. Her knowledge and expertise give me great comfort knowing my books are in good hands."

- Michelle C., Entrepreneur

"Since Cathy has taken over the financial side of my business, my stress level has decreased about 1000%! She looks after it all, so I don't have to be bothered thinking about it... until she tells me to."

- Debi Hartlen MacDonald, New Life Business Solutions

"Two reasons I didn't want to let go - I'm a control freak and I majored in accounting. Yet I want to do bookkeeping about as much as I want to pull my fingernails out. I can't express the immense relief I felt when Cathy left my office with a box of paperwork. And she's even coming back for more! I feel completely confident Cathy has my best interests at heart and - yippee - no more bookkeeping for me."

- Linda Daley, Daley Progress Inc.

"You are absolutely amazing! I hope you are told that often. Thank you so much!"

- Stacey B.